Global Outreach Foundation

1/21/2011 03:54:00 PM sendtheroths 1 Comments

We have prayed for God to connect us with an organization that would be a vehicle our already existing ministry in Congo (DRC). Not just any organization, but one with the same DNA as us: sprit filled, Jesus sensitive, frontier spirited.

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Global Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides spiritual, financial and doctrinal accountability for its missionaries. The organization helps with the ‘business’ side of ministry, so that we can be more effective on the evangelistic, discipleship and humanitarian side. GOF provides immediate donor communication, wire transfers, processing of funds and other matters that missionaries can’t always handle from the field. Basically, the less glorious background work.

We met GOF in Uganda when we ministered with Dean Niforatos and Shannon Coenen (co-founders of the organization). We shared our plans for working in Congo (DRC) and to our surprise, they invited us to join GOF. This organization is committed to the Gospel and desires to see workers launched into difficult parts of the world. They have projects in Sudan, Southeast Asia and various closed nations of the world.

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  1. Love the website! Looking forward to seeing and reading more from you two.

    Just a "kink" you might want to work on, the scrolling banner on the front page scrolls a little too fast to read the whole thing. It's beautiful though.