New Years Spent at the Winter Ramp

1/10/2011 12:28:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

We are launching our new website!

To us, it is a symbolic act of a new phase God is bringing us into, much different than any other. We have been in a time of preparation for awhile: researching, learning about the ministry, about each other and about God’s overall plan. We've had some serious character-building. We've also met many new people doing God's work globally.

The holiday season was filled with breakthrough for both of us in nearly every area of our lives. We decided to go away for the New Year to a youth conference, called The Ramp with our church family and about 35 teenagers. I love that youth are so RAW. They haven’t mastered the art of containing themselves in quiet etiquette yet. So what you see is what you get. To be honest, I wish that would be the case with more adults!

Anyway, this conference was a time for us to soak up the presence of God and retain vision, particularly direction on how to make vision come to pass.

We went with the intention of just focusing on worshipping Jesus, but when Christians reach a point of true and honest worship, that’s often when God cannot contain Himself from loving back in a very real and tangible way.

...he rejoices over us in heaven with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

I think that finding the time to dance and sing with God will not go without reward.

We were rewarded with a fresh touch from the Lord and some very specific direction on our roles as a team working toward ministering reconciliation in the Congo, (DRC). We were also given some warnings regarding the new phase. The warnings had to do with productivity and sensitivity. God gave me a clear picture of us ‘burning the midnight oil’ to get things done. He also spoke to us about bringing people alongside of us, Cyrus’s in the ministry.

Some may ask, how did the Lord tell you this, exactly? Did he audibly tell you this? The answer is no. God tells us things in many different ways, He uses people who operate in prophecy, He uses books, situations, signs and more than anything, He uses a still and small voice inside of us. His voice is always confirmed by what is written in the Bible (in context, of course). We just need to keep our spiritual eyes and ears open.