Sermon at New Beginnings Fellowship

2/19/2011 08:49:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to visit New Beginnings Fellowship and give the full message. Jesus was there and moved on the hearts. Whenever we have an opportunity to speak, it is our desire that the words proceeding out of our mouths would not be our own but as if God were speaking. When this happens, man can never be exalted and Jesus gets all the glory.

Wednesday was just that. The word of God was delivered and the hearts of men were stirred. Though we shared about our ministry, the focus reflected God's glory! God has been given us revelation about the end times harvest, the global Church and the marriage of the two.

God can use any means necessary to reap a global harvest but we believe that He has entrusted the church with a great and mighty task. We believe that the magnitude of the end times harvest depends on the Church's revelation of their importance. The barometer of revelation is worship and worship requires sacrifice. That was the title of the message-- Worship Requires Sacrifice.

If you missed the sermon no worries! You can watch the full message here:
The Roths @ NBF Part 1 - scroll to 27:30
The Roths @ NBF Part 2
The Roths @ NBF Part 3