A Story About Hotel Rwanda and the Controversial Figure Behind It

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Follow the link to see my published work on Paul Rusesabagina: http://www.centralfloridafuture.com/real-life-hero-from-hotel-rwanda-speaks-at-ucf-1.2471492

Amethyst and Tatiana Rusesabagina
Andrew and I met the real life hero from Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina last week at a forum hosted at UCF. I volunteered to cover this event for the local newspaper, because it was in my sphere of interest: the African Great Lakes region.

We knew from our experiences in Rwanda that Rusesabagina was a controversial figure, but I didn’t expect the hubbub we experienced at and after the event!

Upon arrival, we were immediately asked not to take any pictures and to put away our cameras. Andrew was even threatened to be kicked out.

During the event, several native Rwandans attempted to challenge Rusesabagina. The forum got very heated and confusing for people who attended, especially for those who didn’t know much about the African Great Lakes.

Politics in Africa is something so beyond Western understanding, it’s almost not worth trying to get involved in. Just like in the US, it’s corrupt and full of rumors. The only difference is that in the US, we have some chance of getting to the bottom of it.

In Africa, reporters who try and dig up dirt will eventually end up buried six feet under.

I don’t know what the full truth about Paul Kagame (Rwanda’s president) or Paul Rusesabagina and I don’t intend to find out. I went to the event and reported the news. I appreciated that Rusesabagina recognized that Congo’s minerals were being exploited by its neighboring African countries.

After the forum, we spoke with Paul and his wife, Tatiana. We also shared about our work in Congo and prayed with the Rusesabaginas along with several activists. Reporting is great door for ministry!

Reporting and writing on this event has reminded me that Jesus is the only answer to the rumors, greed and violence plaguing our world. The commentaries underneath my article were very passionate and sincere, but only God knows who is right. Only God can judge accurately the Genocidaires of the Rwandan Genocide. And only God can redeem them.  

Visit http://www.centralfloridafuture.com/real-life-hero-from-hotel-rwanda-speaks-at-ucf-1.2471492 to see the article.


  1. Wow. I really hope the author of this isn't going into Journalism. This is one of the most unintelligent, poorly written news articles/ blogs (whatever you would call this) I've ever read. I suggest before the author writes on another story, research is imperative.

    "I don’t know what the full truth about Paul Kagame (Rwanda’s president) or Paul Rusesabagina and I don’t intend to find out." Your ignorance and indifference for the events that are at the core of this post honestly scare me. I came back from Rwanda a few months ago and like most people in my group, it's been hard returning to America after all that we have seen and heard (which is minuscule compared to what the victims went through and the survivors will continue to live with for the rest of their lives). After talking to survivors, all they asked of us was to be their ambassadors by telling our friends, family, the community, etc. about their stories of what happened to them and millions of others during the nightmare in 1994.

    I just ask that before you discuss an issue as serious as the genocide, you have the maturity to do your background research first or perhaps don't write on issues if you have zero desire for seeking out wisdom pertaining to the topic. If you're going to post in blogs, you have the gift of enriching readers on something they may not know much about. Please, please educate yourself first for your reputation and for the audience you have the potential to impact.

  2. You wrote as being anonymous. Get in contact with us and we will tell you some background history you may not want to know.

    Two, are you an expert in Africa Great Lakes politics? How long did you spend in Rwanda or other nations and what was you purpose of visit?

    We know full well the realities of genocide and the effects it had in Rwanda and Congo. We would love to have a dialogue with you over the phone. Contact us by visiting the contact page. Currently we are in the US.

  3. I was extensively and specifically studying the 1994 genocide for a year. From the lack of thought or care put into your blog post, I have no desire to hear what "background history" you have to offer. Maybe if you had presented your information with a higher quality, I would be more open to hearing what you had to say.
    You must have missed the purpose of my post because I never claimed I was an expert on politics in this region nor focused on that in my response. You clearly stated you had no interest in finding out the truth about the Kagame or Rusesabagina. Does that make you the expert? My focus was on the quality of writing and the frustrating amount of apathy for further research that was exemplified in this article. That is all.

  4. Hey, I'm the original writer of the post. My husband was the response prior to it, sorry if it sounded a bit defensive. He loves me very much ;)

    It's awesome to see that you're so passionate about the subject matter. Sorry that you felt upset about the post. That was one of the first 'hard news' stories I'd ever covered.

    I'm not into politics, so I don't care to discuss whether or not which Paul is right on the matter.

    I've worked in Africa for 6+ years (and many other parts of the world too). I don't call myself a scholar, but I do tend to have a some knowledge about a matter before I say something. I need not to defend myself on that.

    The point of the post was not to discuss who did what regarding the genocide. It was a to share what happened at the event, which was Rusesabagina's lecture to college students.

    I understand it's tough to return to USA after your experiences. I advise that your passion not turn to bitterness toward Americans (who are unfortunately apathetic to world issues.) You have to pull people into your experiences, not shut them out. That's more so what this blog is about.

    If someone needs concrete facts, I advise that they not go to any blog to find them.

    Like my husband said, get in contact with us directly 321.609.1984 if you feel compelled to discuss this post any further.