The Story Behind the Story

3/29/2011 11:44:00 AM sendtheroths 1 Comments

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I was able to get another story published through the Central Florida Future this week. The story highlights a University of Central Florida professor who is from Congo (DRC). The professor, Dr. John Malala, left Congo nearly two decades ago and has now returned to start a foundation that empowers his people.

The story behind the story is that I met Malala’s brother in the Congo last year. If you search our previous blog, you will see an old post titled Old Wise Pastors. Dr. Malala’s brother was one of the ‘old wise pastors’ we were talking about. 

His brother told me that on of his siblings lived in the US and was a professor at a “large university in Florida.”  Little did we know that Dr. Malala’s office was just a few doors down from my classrooms.

I immediately approached Dr. Malala when I returned to the US and shared that I knew his brother. Out of this new relationship came a story that I could tell is directly related to Congo: the John N. Malala Dignity Foundation. 

Read the story and hopefully you can come to a better understanding of the situation we face in the Congo.

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  1. It shouldn't astonish me how the Lord works, after all He is a all powerful God and all is possible for Him. However I can't help feeling the wonderful deep emotions that fill my heart when I hear amazing testimonial story as this one. I love my God. To God be the Glory.<><