Bible College for Pastors in Congo

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This is a very exciting time for us and the pastors we work with in Congo!

God is providing a way for pastors to receive formal bible college that is recognized in the US and worldwide. Paul is one of our key contacts in Congo. A few months ago, he expressed interest in attending Bible College, but options were slim and finances were also an issue.

How the Opportunity Came 
Pastor Paul in front of his church which is also an
English, Spanish and trade learning center.
Funny how God works though-- even before Pastor Paul had expressed interest in attending formal Bible College, God was speaking to Amethyst an I (Andrew.) We wanted to put Pastor Paul through formal Bible training.

It also happened that our dear ministry friends at World Outreach Ministry Foundation operate a formal Bible College in Uganda with a spirit-filled curriculum that is relevant to African pastors.

I spoke with Pastor Steve Mayanja, the head of Uganda Outreach Ministries, about Paul taking correspondence courses. This means that Paul would be using the WOMF's curriculum to take courses from Congo. Pastor Mayanja was emphatically excited to share training with Congolese pastors.

After a few e-mails and small logistics, Pastor Paul was enrolled. He recently returned from Uganda where he collected his materials to start his first year.

Wealth of the Wicked Stored for the Righteous 
Travel from Goma, DR Congo to Kampala, Uganda is often difficult dangerous and costly. But God is so amazing! Pastor Paul works for the United Nations as a translator and is allowed to travel on UN transport planes free of charge. God has used the riches of the ungodly to bless the righteous.

Our dear friends at WOMF picked up Paul from the airport, gave him nice accommodations and as I understand, took care of him very well! After a few days, he was sent back to the DR Congo safely.

Prayer Points 

  • Pray that Paul will succeed in his Bible courses and that his faith will be encouraged. 
  • Pray that he will find the adequate time to study as he is a father of six, works a busy UN job, leads a multifaceted training center and pastors a church! 
  • We pray Pastor Paul will be the first of many pastors to receive training in northeast Congo and that we will see him and many others plant spirit-led churches. Pray that these churches will share the love of Christ in a real and personal way.

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