The Roths Go to Colorado

3/08/2011 01:32:00 AM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Amethyst has never been to Colorado before but has always wanted to visit. For years she has felt the Lord drawing her out here. Little did we know that we’d join a ministry that was based out of Denver and that we would be visiting here so soon.

Coincidences, We Think NOT!
Our primary reason for visiting Denver, Colo. was to spend time with the staff and board members of Global Outreach Foundation. Coincidentally, Dean Niforatos, Shannon Coenen (co-founder and President), as well as the other board members were all in town during Amethyst’s spring break!

Furthermore, a group from Calvary Christian Center which is Amethyst’s sending church was visiting Denver at the same time. They were here to dedicate a new building for Pastor Dan Yaeckley’s ministry, Prepare the Way. None of us planned to be here at the same; in fact, they were just as shocked as we were. It was another confirmation that God ordained our visit to Colorado.

Feels Like Family
So far, we’ve had an opportunity to meet with the staff and board members of GOF. They are very supportive of the work in northeast, Democratic Republic of Congo and they are very genuine, humble people. It has really felt like visiting family!

Also, having Amethyst’s church family out here has created more opportunity for ministry. Pastor Dan Yaeckley has been leading a house church for the past few years. They are a radical bunch with a fiery passion for prayer, sharing Christ and discipleship. Pastor Dan and Calvary Christian Center share a kindred spirit, similar to their relationship with Pastor Dean Niforatos.

Once the Calvary group found out that Amethyst was out here, they begged her to come and play worship with them! Pastor Ottis was reminiscing of when they used to rock out the church with the youth band where Amethyst played on the keys…

Needless to say, they haven’t skipped a beat since, though they haven’t formally played together in a long-time.

Ministering to Churches in Denver
Worship was powerful and intense! Pastor Ottis and Pastor Steve ministered the Word of God with clarity and power. Everyone in the room was rocked with the gravid message-- but that was just the beginning. We prayed over everyone involved with Prepare the Way! There was a great release of anointing and prophecy. Nearly every individual in the church left with a word of knowledge, prophecy, wisdom or exhortation.

On Sunday, we had ministered at Orchard Road Christian Center (founded by Wallace and Marilyn Hickey) at the young professionals meeting. Since we are within the same age demographic, Pastor Jill asked us to share our testimony and a message that would encourage people our age to step out in faith.

Amethyst released a powerful message about how to avoid prolonged adolescence and conceive vision that advances the name of Jesus! After the message, Amethyst and I called everyone to kneel before God and repent of our foolish and childish ways. Then we prayed a releasing over them to share Christ with boldness.

Prayer Points
So far we’ve only been out here for five days, we have five more to go. Pray that we have more open doors to share about Congo. Pray that we have open doors to share the Gospel. Pray for more divine appointments.

Lastly, we ask that you pray that financial supporters will be birthed from this trip. Although we were blessed with reasonable airfare pricing, a trip out West is still very costly. We are praying that we will be able to find more financial partners to support the ministry in Congo. Please believe with us for this.