March/April Newsletter 2011

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We are returning to Congo in May for our last short-term trip before moving full-time. Over the past two years, we’ve made relationships with leaders, acquired land, bought motorcycles, started several projects with local churches and have done as much research as possible.

The next phase is upon us and it’s time to jump the ledge again.

A Testimony of Abundant Fruit
Someone recently donated a large sum of money to the mission. Money we have been praying vehemently for. When the donor called to tell us about their donation, we were in the midst of discussing how God is bringing us into a fruit-bearing season.

When the call ended—the doorbell suddenly rang.

FedEx was at our door, delivering over $300 worth of Harry & David® fresh fruit; a total of seven boxes. A family member meant to send us only one box but accidentally sent seven (a number of completion/blessing in the Bible).

All of these events happened within seconds of each other. The fruit represents God’s favor physically as well as spiritually.

YOU! Yea, We’re Talking To YOU!
We challenge you to send $10.
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We are only $4,000 short of our goal to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser. If EVERYONE who gets this newsletter were to donate $10, we would reach the total.

Congo has some of the least developed roads in Africa, with only about 35 kilometers of paved road for every 1 million people. Most of the population is unreachable without a capable off-road vehicle.

The Island of Ntaligeza: S 1°54'31.43"  E 29° 6'8.48"
Ntaligeza is an island located southwest
of Goma on Lake Kivu. Around 500 live
on the island. There is no church!
We have also received word from our Congolese pastors about an island in the middle of Lake Kivu called Ntaligeza. The island is 100 kilometers from Goma and has a population of 500 people.

This island has no existing church of any sort.

We are investigating ways to reach this island. Our goal is to take a small team of Congolese and Westerners to the island and camp out for several days. We will do hut-to-hut evangelism, leadership trainings and seminars.

If the people accept the Gospel, we will begin to plant a church on the island. This would be the first church to ever exist on the island! 

Pastors In Training
We are sending our first pastor through Bible College this year. This two-year program, accredited in both the US and Africa, is the foundation for Congolese church-planters. He will also play a huge role in translating the curriculum into the local languages.

Traveling to Oklahoma City
Every weekend of this month is booked with speaking engagements. We are sharing about the work in Congo with thousands of people.

We recently returned from a trip to Colorado where we met the board members of our organization and spoke at several churches.

We will be going to Oklahoma City on April 14-17 to visit a ministry partner, No Boundaries International. This is a strategic partnership in the making.

Building for a Cause
We have been given two plots of land in Congo and are planning to build on the land soon.

The first plot is inside Goma, where we are building our living quartersThe second piece of land is outside of the citywhere we plan to  build a ministry compound. As many of you know, we have plans to start a compound for ex-militia children soldiers.

Pray for us!
Continue praying for our friends in Congo. Pray for our finances, because the more outreach we do, the more costly it becomes. Lastly, pray for laborers who will come with us to work in Congo.

In Christ,
Andrew & Amethyst

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