2 Days: Andrew Leaves

5/21/2011 10:20:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Romans 10:15 - How beautiful are the feet!
We have come to bring life, the good news...

Andrew leaves for the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Tuesday, August 24. I think the devil is having a fit about it.

Andrew drove to Atlanta this week to fix his passport and visa issues. They are both resolved now.

While he was in Atlanta, he struggled with migraines. He also had a migraine after he returned home. Andrew has had a history of migraine headaches that debilitate him for most of the day. Andrew’s migraine this week was severe and left him terribly tired. He has also had several confusing dreams this week. I won’t share all of the details, but please keep him in your prayers. I can’t stress enough how much Andrew needs to hear and know the voice of God, clearly.

Andrew is leaving the US with an incredible amount of responsibility in his hands which includes buying the vehicle we have been working hard to raise money for. This is not an easy task in the Congo. It can be confusing, dangerous and very disheartening. He needs all of our prayers and support at this time. God’s peace has been upon both of us, but there has also been a large amount of opposition affecting us as well.

It seems as if we are truly walking under the shadow of His wings— I don’t know what it’s like to attempt what we have done in the past two years without God’s mercy and grace on us—I never want to know what that’s like.

In the past few months we’ve spoken to leadership at many churches and they’ve let us speak to their congregations. We’ve met people from all walks of life and have pleaded for the people of the DRC. We’ve raised almost all the money for a vehicle and for all the expenses.

Some of the churches we especially thank are Calvary Christian Center, Inverness; Orlando House of Prayer, Orlando; Encounter House of Prayer, Orlando; and East Coast Christian Center, Merritt Island. Along with those, we are thankful for the sacrificial donations of individuals who have also united with us to reach the DRC.

Prayer Points
  1. Pray for Andrew’s health and safety!
  2. Pray ears to hear. Andrew and I need to have ears to hear the voice of God. We need to feel the wind of the spirit as it moves.
  3. Pray for Andrew’s preparation for the trip. That they would go smoothly that there would be peace.