Andrew Arrives in Africa!

5/26/2011 01:01:00 PM sendtheroths 2 Comments


Well I made it safely to Kigali, Rwanda without any excitement or problems. Of all the flights I've ever made across seas, I think this might have been one of the easiest but also most stress free.

I had favor with checking my bags. (**Note: it is very difficult for us to keep our bags under 50 pounds, especially when traveling for several months.**) I mentioned where I was going and what I would be doing there. It turned out that one of the attendants who checked me in was Congolese.  They asked for my passport and asked me to put my luggage on the scale. No surprise, I was over. Yes, that includes my carry-on and both check bags.

They asked me what was in the bags and why they were so heavy. I mentioned I was bringing over clothes and that packing for three months can be a lot of weight. The attendant smiled and then mentioned, "You will have to move some weight from your carry-on to the other bags. Just be sure to keep it under 70 pounds..."

The she smiled, handed me my boarding pass and said, "HAVE A NICE FLIGHT!" Wow! That saved me $150 and an argument! The rest was history, easier than a breeze. I had time to worship and pray, just resting in the presence of God.

But, my trip is not over!

Tomorrow, I leave in the morning for Goma. This is a three hour bus ride through Rwanda's mountainous countryside. It is beautiful country with breath-taking views but the trip can be somewhat dangerous. Pray that all of the logistics are worked out and that there are no issues. Tomorrow is a big a day as I will reunite with our key ministry contacts and then the real work begins.

Pray for God's favor, blessing and safety. Pray that my return to Congo will be the start of something great.

Andrew on airplane to Africa
Ethiopian Air airplanes at the terminal


  1. Glad the adventure has started. Keep the updates coming. lots of pictures! And stay safe!

  2. Praying you will find the perfect vehicle. God is good.