Problem with Andrew's Congo Visa

5/13/2011 09:55:00 PM sendtheroths 4 Comments

Amethyst's visa was approved, Andrew's not.

Houston, We Have a Problem
Andrew is scheduled to fly out on May 24, which is only 11 days from today. We received our visas back from the Congolese Embassy only to find that his was NOT approved.

Andrew has used up all the space in his passport. He needs to get more pages. 

We have contacted the Department of State in Miami to find that they cannot help him. The only place he can go is Atlanta, Georgia.

In layman terms, this is not fun
Tickets to Atlanta are $400+ at this point and we only have one car. So, I guess I'll have to take the Lynx bus for a few days.

Just pray that Andrew will be able to get more pages for his passport and that his visa will be approved in time for his flight.

Times-a-wasting! Please pray.


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