Oklahoma City: Prayer, Plan, Prepare

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Partnering with No Boundaries International 
Two weeks ago, we visited No Boundaries International (NBI) in Oklahoma City. The purpose of this trip was to pray, plan and pool resources for the work in Congo. NBI has done extensive work in Sierra Leone and is beginning to work in northeast Congo. Our on-the-ground knowledge and NBI's practical skill-sets have made for a great partnership.

NBI is predominantly composed of woman professionals. This includes doctors, psychologists and nurses. They did seminars with us on child psychology, trauma-based therapy and basic rural medicine.

Much time was also spent coordinating our itineraries, sharing field information and interceding. We felt a great connection in the Spirit, one only God could orchestrate.

Isaac & Brittany: Fellow Laborers in Congo
Isaac and Brittany were trained by Iris Ministries and sent to Sierra Leone, Africa for two years. Today, they work as intercessors for NBI, and also have plans to move to North Kivu, Congo next year-- only a few months after we move.

It just so happens that Isaac and Brittany also attend Pastor Dan Yaeckley’s house church, the same church we visited in Colorado last month! Yaeckley told Isaac that we needed to meet and coincidentally, NBI flew us to Oklahoma, where we did meet.

They are a young couple like us with a very similar heart. Andrew and I have been praying that God would send another couple to work with us in Congo. After speaking with them, we think this may be an answered prayer.

We had spent our nights (and early mornings) in prayer and intercession. Isaac, Brittany and our friends at NBI imparted words of knowledge to us; words that only the Lord could know.

The Bible talks about one putting a thousand to flight and two putting ten thousand to flight (Deut 32:30). When God synergizes a group of passionate believers together, there is no end to their potential in Jesus Christ.

More updates about OKC to come.

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