Divine Connections Make Everything Better!

6/16/2011 12:51:00 PM sendtheroths 6 Comments

Two great contacts
Bishop Nzinga standing in center next to me
Recently I have met two great contacts. Sometimes knowing influential people is good. Obviously we don’t put all of our trust in people but sometimes God just places the right people in your path. Nothing is accidental with God.

Bishop Nzinga
This week I met with a leader of over 500 communities of independent churches all throughout Congo. Because of his position, he knows all of the directors of the different ministers and directors necessary to get our NGO status approved. Knowing people of influence has its benefits in Congo, especially because it reduces the necessity for bureaucracy and “excess processing fees.”

Mama Pygmy
Mama Pygmy in yellow standing next to me
Also, I got to catch up with Mama Miriam also known in North Kivu, DR Congo as Mama Pygmy. She has been recognized by the governor of North Kivu for her efforts in reaching out to pygmies. Pygmies are often ostracized from society because of their different culture and because they are small. (They are fully proportional just they are half the height of a regular human.)   

We actually had met Mama Pygmy last year and she mentioned that we were an answer to prayer. She has been praying for years for someone to come who had our very same vision as us. Because of her efforts, the governor gave her land for future efforts. As such, because she feels a strong connection to us in the spirit, she desires to give us half of her land for the development of our projects. Praise the Lord!

Wisdom and guidance from the Lord...
In both of these cases, we have to be careful and protect ourselves from being taken advantage of. Many people make bold claims but following through is another story. However, with this in mind, if these contacts prove to be legitimate then that is a huge answer to our years of prayers. Sometimes it takes supernatural connections to produce supernatural results! Let us just pray that God directs us and that we all use wisdom and prudence!  


  1. Cool stuff. I see Emmanuel came to translate for you. :^) Don't worry! The resources will come. Make your request known to the Father and then believe. Keep up the good work Andrew.

  2. Thanks Sam. What an encouragement, you are :)

  3. Like reading your post,thanks for sharing. Will be praying that God continually sends guidance's to both <><

  4. Line upon line, precept upon precept! That's how our ministries & recources grow. Love & blessings. Phyllis.