Finding the Lord in Logistics

6/04/2011 02:46:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Missions is more than just ministry. It involves logistics, planning, patience, consulting... The ministry is the easy part. We have a message, God is alive inside of us, the Holy Spirit wants to be poured out. But getting there, to the location to do ministry takes effort. The ministry is effortless, sure that takes its fair share of planning and preparing but to us, sharing the message and praying over people is the easy part of missions. That is the true joy.

We have had a bit of trouble getting the letter of invite approved for two of our visitors to come to Congo. The story always changes on why the paper can't get notarized. It is a simple stamp that takes three seconds. In fact the person stamping is even a Christian at a church I have ministered in. However, there is no end to the reasons and the blockages. Pray that Monday this paper can finally get stamped!

The vehicle search continues
If I had a hundred dollars for every 1992 Land Cruiser with over 140,000 km (keep in mind hard kilometers) in fair to poor condition that I have seen I would be able to buy a brand new Land Cruiser out of the crate straight off of the boat. But alas, the Lord has this vehicle and the Lord will direct me to it.

In the midst of all of this searching, I have found the Lord. It has kept me in prayer and believing in faith. I know God has the right one for us, it is just a matter of finding it. Until then I will believe in faith and pray with a feverish spirit. God directs our steps and He knows our thoughts and our heart. God gives us the desires of our hearts and though the vision tarries... We choose to rejoice in the future blessings and right now praise the Lord!

Also, I have been looking for a better more comfortable house. I am still looking but I think I have found the right one. I won't put pictures up until I actually commit to a house so be on stand-by. Even this though has kept me humble in faith.

Everything is ministry
In either case, I believe it is an opportunity to minister as well. Negotiation takes guts and requires being a bit shrewd. However... in almost every case they tell me, "You are not like most other Westerners, I can see that you are a man of God and that you are humble." WOW! That is very humbling to hear from the Congolese. They have seen proud Westerners from other organizations and even Christian ones. But it truly is humbling and I know that even these business matters can be a ministry opportunity.

Well tomorrow I get to minister at Pastor Euclide's church. Pastor Euclide is a great friend of ours and this is the first time I get to minister there since his church has been rebuilt properly! Praise God that despite all of difficulties in paperwork, planning, preparation, etc...

There are times to just minister, no strings attached.