Pray for this vehicle...

6/09/2011 02:05:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Finding the right vehicle is difficult!
I have been having much trouble trying to find the right vehicle. It seems my luck with Land Cruisers is not so good... for a 1994 with 150,000 miles and 100,000 of them in Congo they are wanting like $13,000 non-negotiable for one in good condition. For poor condition they want like $10,000. AH!!!

But it seems that Toyota Surfs might be the ticket. (They are known as 4Runners in the North American market.) So I have found a few a 1996 with 90,000 miles on it that is a five speed manual, turbo diesel for like $8,500. But just today I found a recent imported 1999 automatic, turbo diesel with 110,000 miles on it for $9,500. This is a bit much for such a vehicle not knowing any past vehicle history on it other than it has been in Congo for only four months and driven by a woman from home to work only... Anyways, if I can buy it for $9,000 I will be happy because I will have to put nearly $1,000 into I think for repairs, documents, etc.

Prayer points!
- Pray that God would clearly direct me to the vehicle that we are supposed to purchase!
- Pray that the owner of the vehicle would be willing to negotiate and not try and charge more because I am a muzungu! Also pray that we would not be cheated with the paperwork fees.
- Pray that the vehicle would be in top condition and would not have any repairs or major issues.
- Pray that God would keep us safe from accidents with the vehicle!

Here are some pictures of the top contender!