Prayer Requests from Congo

6/02/2011 01:01:00 PM sendtheroths 1 Comments

Prayers are meaningful to God, and likewise to us. There is something very powerful about impressing upon the divine creator of the world, inclining Him to act in a certain way. Who are we to approach the most high God with such boldness?

We are the redeemed; bought at a price, kept for a purpose. The veil was torn so that we can worship God without hindrance.

I implore all of you to pray for Congo and pray with devotion and expectancy.

  • Revival: Pray for revival to come to this land. Violence and bloodshed has ruled this land for too long. Pray that God would redeem the years marked for destruction. 
  • Righteousness: Pray for a movement of righteousness and justice. Pray that the Congolese would desire righteousness over selfish gain and set this precedent for future African generations. We want God to bless Congo, but God cannot bless those who are opposed to him.
  • Removal of pride: It seems that pride is rampant over the land. Many people seek power and at any cost. This is true about anywhere in the world. However, in Congo it seems a bit more pronounced. Many people seek to have influence but here it is done through a show of power, sadly even in the church. Pray for humility. 
  • Resources: Pray for us as we find a vehicle, a compound, plan and prepare for outreaches. It is hard to find all the necessary needs without being taken advantage of or without someone seeking their own interests. Pray for solid contacts and for great favor in arranging the prices. It costs money to do outreach, pray for the funding to come in and even pray about how you might be a part of changing the lives of the Congolese. 
  • Ministry: It's so easy to just survive here in Congo. We don't want to 'just survive.' We want to thrive spiritually, mentally and spiritually. We are here to give to these people the Gospel. How can we do this if we are drained of our emotions and resources? We need you to pray that God will give us grace to minister efficiently and effectively for his kingdom.

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