Sunday is the Best Day of the Week

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Sunday is the best day!
Sundays are one of my busiest but also favorite days of the week! Why? Well it is the Sabbath but also an opportunity to spread the Word of God before a captive audience. Sure, anytime a muzungu (white person) shows up anywhere it is a spectacle but something is different on Sundays. There is a certain expectancy to learn deep insights from the Word of God, especially when it’s from a muzungu!

If a church may not be full on Sunday morning, it will become full when the community sees a muzungu come. Many times they come just off the street or stop to listen. Part of it is inquisitiveness on why a white man is there the other part is what he has to say! This past Sunday I had the opportunity to visit a good friend and partner in ministry.

We are partners in the harvest
The Bible in Luke 10:2 said that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Congo is white for the picking. This land is deprived of the full Word of God and suffers because of it. So many people are desperate for the Word of God.

Pastor Euclide and wife Lillian are great friends of ours and have a gift for reaching lost souls. We’ve labored together going from place to place engaging in many ministry activities. They have a humble church in the middle of the worst part of town, but their impact throughout the whole Kivu region is large! Specifically, their church is called Partners in Harvest Ministries but they are a part of Iris Ministries (the ministry founded by Heidi and Rolland Baker.) 

You may remember that last year, their church burned to the ground and that we also started a preliminary development project with them to develop a sustainable income to help build the church. I’m happy to tell you that their church is fully built and a great place to worship God!

Change you can count on
I ministered about pursuing justice and righteousness in all parts of life. The main texts used were Amos 5:24; Jeremiah 22:3,5; Ezekiel 45:9-10; Hosea 12:6-7 and Hosea 10:12-13. It was a challenging message for everyone. Often times Congolese wonder why their country is in trouble and sure they can blame the situation on the government, colonization, United Nations, etc.

However, if Congo is going to really change, the Congolese have to be the change they want to see. If they desire peace then they must pursue justice; if they want blessing they must pursue righteousness. All of this takes work, but then again plowing a field isn’t easy either.

After the message there was a time of prayer and repentance. Everyone was repenting for their sins and how they may have wronged or cheated anyone. They prayed that God would move in mighty power and cleanse the land of unrighteousness and for justice to flow like rushing waters!