Using Tae Kwon Do to reach the unreachable...

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Some people in Congo have grew up with a hard life. They've lived a life on the streets and have somehow managed to live. In this case these people wash motorbikes and cars by the lake. Their clothes tattered and really aggressive people. Really they are just hooligans.

One day I was passing by and someone was doing a poor excuse of a martial arts form. They noticed I was Asian and shouted, "Chinois! Chinois!" (Chinese! in French) and pointed at me. Well I was in a hurry but didn't stop. Then that got me thinking... maybe I can teach them some Tae Kwon Do and possibly an opportunity to preach the Gospel! So I returned later.

This all started about a week ago. You would never see so many hooligans so happy to see a muzungu! I stopped and they thought I needed my motorbike washed. But I saw the person still working on their form and I showed him the proper way to do it. Then I offered to teach them some basic basic forms, blocks, punches, etc.

So nearly everyday for the past week I have returned. Tae Kwon Do teaches honor, discipline, courtesy, loyalty and respect. All things, these men lack in abundance. (After all can you blame them when most of their life they have been in survival mode?) Tae Kwon Do is for defense and not offense, it is to protect not attack. They have all agreed to use it for good and never for bad. In fact, they have developed a sense of loyalty.

Well, everyday I spend about an hour or so just teaching them simple things that are practical. So far we've gone over high and low blocks and a few punches. In addition I have put them through the ringer with some intense sets of push-ups and squats! Their form is poor and it takes many times of repetition but they are slowly learning! You can really tell that they are trying hard. They get frustrated and angry at themselves because they want to seek perfection. This is encouraging because this also brings a form of discipline and self-respect.

So part of Tae Kwon Do is also the spiritual aspect. In its purest form Tae Kwon Do is very eastern in belief system but that is simple. Replace any eastern beliefs with Jesus! As I continue, I will incorporate this spiritual aspect into it because meditation is part of Tae Kwon Do. But, the time of meditation will be on Jesus and memory of Scripture. (Memory is also a part of the discipline aspect of Tae Kwon Do.)

Take a look at some pictures and video of their progress!

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