Another vistor: going to the villages

7/22/2011 09:18:00 AM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Pastor Steve Ferrante of Calvary Christian Center, Inverness, Fla. is here to join us in Congo. He arrived yesterday. We took him to the Rwandan Genocide Memorial and after that drove him straight to Goma, DRC.

Please pray for us as we go on another trip to the red zone: Kichanga, Mweso and Nyanzale. In order to get to this area, we have to cross the National Park which is the sitting place for rebel militia. If we go that way, we are have huge chances if getting stopped. So instead, we are circling around the park to reach these villages. This is the long way, but we think it will be safer for the team. Please pray for safety, efficiency and fruitful trip.