Part 1 of 2: Reflection and Introspection

9/01/2011 05:46:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

To the unacquainted and naive, Congo will give westerners a run for their money, literally. If it’s not the corruption, rebels, political instability then the busyness and difficulty of life will tax the soul. This is in stark contrast to the breathtaking scenery, friendly villagers and seemingly carefree lifestyle, so characteristic of Africa. 

However, despite the struggles and difficulties, we’ve developed a fondness to Congo. There is a love growing deep inside our hearts for the Congolese people inexplicable apart from God. We are not ones to be stirred by emotions but God has given us a heart for Congo. We want to have purpose, and that is precisely why we love the nation.

There for a Purpose
Amethyst praying over children telling
them they were created for a plan and
a purpose and to pray for each other.

We are in Congo because God has a plan and purpose for Congo, not for death and destruction but for unity and blessing. We’re not there for our own purpose but for God’s. Somehow He chose us to do His work, we were faithful to listen to His calling and now we are seeing His favor.

The plans and purposes of the all-sufficient Savior are sure. How hard is it to trust our lives into the hands of God? He said he would protect us after all to live is Christ and to die is gain. Right, easier said than done. But we’ve seen His favor and protection throughout our whole time in Congo these past three years. We have had every right to give up, every reason to quit, but the Holy Spirit hasn’t empowered us to be quitters.

Making Sense of It All
Jesus called us to be sensitive to the Spirit and we believe a part of this is internalizing our experiences. This involves examining and learning from our experiences. Moreover, if we are to maintain our sanity we need to express our thoughts.

Our experiences have taught us much about faith, prayer, dependence, trust and love. They have shaped us into new people. This is only natural as a river is never the same always going forward, ever fluctuating by the ebb and flow of time.

Amethyst transitions to life back in the US rather quickly but I find myself a creature of habit. I find myself changed by my experiences overseas but then some habits stay with me.

Read about these funny nuances in the coming blog post “Part 2: Transitioning Back Home.” Also, it will contain some specific thoughts we’ve gathered and moments we relish.