Understanding how to pray for a nation: the hikikomori of Japan

10/27/2011 11:39:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

 Andrew and I led prayer at Encounter House of Prayer, our fellowship in the Orlando-area, for two hours this evening.  I facilitated the worship and he directed the prayer. What an amazing opportunity—and with my husband!

We felt led by the Holy Spirit to encouraged church-members to come to the microphone, speak their vision and pray for it. We prayed for many different areas of our world (and city), as people in the prayer room were called to different areas of ministry: teenage boys, drug addicts, politics, etc.

When it was my turn to pray for my vision, it was expected to pray for Congo, since most people know that we are missionaries. But my prayer was different than that.

I prayed for Asia.

My ultimate vision and promise from God has always been Asia. But I know that the promise doesn’t eliminate the process.

Click this image to read about the hikikomori of Japan.
I’m willing to work anywhere for as long as God wants. I can truly admit that my heart has truly fallen in love with the Congolese. But still, somewhere in my soul, I know that one day I’ll be a small part of a great movement in Asia.

May God find me faithful to do what he has called me to do now.

Though I am called to Congo, I research what’s going on all over the world and try to stay on top of things. I believe that’s the duty of all Christians—to know the world they live in and not have tunnel vision.

After all, how can we minister to a world in need if we don’t know anything about the world?

 Here’s an article I read today about the hikikomori of Japan, a nation in which the Gospel has hardly penetrated in. This article will enlighten you to some cultural realities we are unaware of and also give you a knew issue to pray about.

As a journalist, I felt that this writer covered this topic thoroughly and that’s to be praised.