250 Congolese Coming to Orlando

1/20/2012 01:23:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

We made friends with two Kenyan brothers this week who attend Streams of Life Worship Center, an African-style church that was founded by a Masai to reach the diaspora of Africans in Central Florida. We met Pastor Kippeen only a month ago and we were asked to share our vision at the church in the future.

Our Kenyan friends told us about two Congolese families who received refugee visas to the US and were resettled in Orlando only one month ago. They were working to help these families get situated with the proper necessities for living.

Their stories about bringing the families from the refugee camp to places like Wal-Mart and Publix were absolutely amazing.

“These children went from having not one toy to having a room full of toys donated by members of the church,” said Frederick, one our new Kenyan friends.

250 more Congolese would be resettled in Orlando this year, according to Lutheran Services Florida.

Refugee resettlement is not anything new. Nations like the US, Canada and Australia often partner with the United Nations and non-governmental organizations to resettle refugees in concentrated areas. For instance, there’s a huge population of Somalis in Minneapolis, Minn. from resettlement. Why they chose to bring the Congolese to Orlando is a reason we can’t explain any other way than God ordained it.

When we the family from Congo, we shared a of encouragement with them. We told them that this was not the end—it was only the beginning and that they were blessed to be a blessing to their brothers and sisters in Congo.

“Never forget where you came,” said Andrew.

We prayed for their new home and shared a meal with them.

We don’t know how we will work together with these 250 Congolese in the future, but we know that it wasn’t by accident that they came to Orlando—the city we are based out of.

Andrew and I are believing that these Congolese will be blessed here in the US and they will partner with us spiritually, physically and even financially in the future.

“At this time you cannot go back to help your people, because God has placed your family here for a reason. But we are going back in one month; we are becoming the bridge to your people back home. And we need you prayers; we need you to help us learn the language and we need to be partners in the work of God,” we said.