Bibles for Congolese

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Can you imagine giving a King James Version to a 6th grader?
It would be difficult for someone with a sixth grade education to decode all the ”thee’s” and “thou’s” into a text that is relevant to everyday life. In a country where the average wage is under $1/day and unemployment soars higher then 75 percent— saving for a Bible is often low on the priority list.

How much does a Swahili Bible cost in Congo?
$15. More than a half a month’s wages for an old Union Version: a translation that even well educated Swahili speakers would find difficult to read.

Our Proposal
We believe in putting a value on God’s word, but $15 is simply too much for someone to afford in northeast Congo. Many of these people have fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back after militias have ransacked their villages.

We would like to purchase at least 20 bibles in Tanzania to offer them in Congo for a subsidized rate to those who are able to read. The Bible’s won’t be distributed to the masses; instead they’ll stay in our office and in our car, being readily for purchase when we meet someone who truly needs and wants one.

The “Good News” Translation
Andrew and I can purchase a friendlier translation, which was created specifically for people who speak Swahili as a second language. The “Habari Enjema,” which we know in English as the “Good News” Bible.

This bible is available in Tanzania for up to 50 percent less then in Congo.   Habari Enjema is much simpler to read and understand for the Congolese, who on average speaks about 4-5 languages, but may struggle to read or write all of them.

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