In every blessing; a curse. Every curse; a blessing.

5/07/2012 10:05:00 AM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Being in Swahili school, you can imagine that there’s a plethora of other students that pass through here. We’ve met every kind of missionary and non-governmental worker that you can think of: conservationists, doctors, linguists, anthropologists, church planters and evangelists.

While Tanzania has a large Muslim population, it also has a thriving church. It's a country that has stood as an example in many ways to other African nations. They've remained a peaceful nation for decades and were one of the first nations to gain freedom from colonial reign. Furthermore, it has had multiple changes in political power.

All that is said to admit this: we’re so ready to return to Congo. When I look at the freedom and liberty of the Tanzanians, who like other nations of the world, can often take for granted what they have—I think about the many Congolese who have incredible potential, but were simply born in the seemingly ‘wrong’ part of Africa.

I’m praying that we can, by the grace of God, unlock that potential in the young people of DR Congo and offer opportunities for them to change the course of their family history and ultimately change their nation.

I’ve noticed that there are great blessings and curses in every situation given to man. For Tanzania, their blessing is peace—but their curse is that the peace has lulled people to sleep in a place of comfort without ever knowing their full potential.

For Congo, the wars have undoubtedly pushed the country backwards. But I have also noticed that it has caused certain individuals to use every bit of resilience, strength and courage they can gather to become something better than what the world expects. The Congo is full of young ingenuity that has been bottled up and shaken for over a hundred years. 

May God allow us to target and direct that energy in a direction that will no longer cause the nation to self-destruct, but instead to shoot for the stars... and finally reach them.