Foundations in Goma

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Andrew just after arriving

“When I heard that you were coming back to Congo, I didn’t know when you would arrive, but I prayed and came to Goma by faith to look for you. The village remembers you and we need you to return. We are suffering.”

Within one day of our return, one of our GOF-C team leaders received a phone call that a man from a village (more than two days drive into the war zone), showed up in Goma. He didn’t have anywhere to stay, and he came completely unexpected.

The GOF-C leader called us apologizing for asking us to meet with people before we even had a chance to rest from the journey. “But I don’t know what to do, this man won’t leave until he sees you. He’ll even sleep on the street.”

Letter written to us from the village

When Andrew and I went to see him, he humbly presented a letter to us. The letter was from his village. They paid the most educated man (who could read and write) to compose a letter and sent a messenger to the city. When they heard news that we were coming back. This village had no details on when we would arrive, only that we were coming in early June. So, they prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead this man and sent him on the long (and very dangerous) journey to Goma.

This Pygmy man was the teacher of a rundown church/school that we ministered in last year to demobilized child soldiers and Pygmies. Many of you may remember the 2011 overview video, which illustrates some of this ministry. In the past 3 months, hundreds of people have been slaughtered in these areas and many of the same children that we ministered to last year have been recruited into the ranks of various militia groups. Moms want their children back home and fathers are trying to regroup after losing everything …again.

This situation has happened more than once and it has helped us to not only realize the importance of continuing to visit these vulnerable areas, but also to create a central base location where people can find us in Goma.

 Looking for a building to meet in 
Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo
 Since our arrival, we have been looking for a building to rent for regular meetings and events related to discipleship, training and prophetic prayer and worship. This “center” so-to-speak will be the place where people from Goma and the surrounding villages can come and know where to find us.

The nature of our work does not allow us to invite everyone to meet in our home. We reach out to demobilized militia and people who want nothing to do with the church. These are broken people. Unfortunately, this would be overwhelming and even dangerous to host GOF-C events and meetings in our home. Moreover we are looking for a more accessible location where the local population can come with ease.

We have found a few different locations in town. Most of them have ended with the disappointment of the price doubling, even tripling when they find that “wazungu” (white people) would be renting. Landlords have been unwilling to make reasonable negotiations or have changed their mind suddenly, leaving us (and our Congolese team members) back to the drawing board.

Negotiations underway
Streets of Goma in the Birere quarter
We have recently found a building on the main road that has a meeting room, a small office and space for storing equipment. The cost as we know it now, is $100 per month for rent. The building is shabby and needs work. But we are willing to put the work into it for the price.

Contacting the owner for finalizing the details has been difficult. We have been in waiting for five days and are unsure if he will also change his mind last minute. It’s our desire to start weekly meetings for this center in the first week of July, which is soon approaching.

We are asking that you pray for this building. Pray for favor. Pray for the people that they will come to encounter Jesus, learn how to better themselves and their communities through holistic discipleship.

Plans to building the Training Center
Renting a building is a temporary solution, because we plan to build a concrete structure in the village of Kabati, which is about 20 kilometers outside of Goma. The building will cost a minimum of $25,000 to erect.

We are not using funds raised for the “training center” to rent, fix and furnish this temporary space in town. It’s coming from our personal finances. If anyone feels lead to contribute to paying for the extra $100/month which will pay for rent, you can donate online to contribute $10, $20 or even $100 on a monthly basis.

Sunset in Congo
The view outside our balcony


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  1. Oh my God. My daughter is there with th Roths. I pray that God keep helping them to accomplish the work that He sent them to do. God bless you guys so much. I would like ot see some pics of the girls as well.