Our Home in Congo

6/08/2012 11:10:00 AM sendtheroths 3 Comments

Our New Home
We arrived in Congo on Sunday and immediately found a compound to live in.

In the past, we’ve paid up to $800 per month for a house without water or power. After searching for two days. We found a 4-bedroom house with stable water and power for only $500. Moreover, this compound has two security guards 24/7 that are paid for by the United Nations. It is probably the most nicest, safest and most affordable home that we’ve ever gotten.

Training Center Update
We are about to finalize the deal to rent an commercial place in town. This is the beginning of the Training Center. All of our meetings, teachings and training seminars will be held there. Pray that this all works out.

I got the comforter made in Tanzania

Came with furnishing
Toilet and bathtub-- a high commodity

Another one
One of the guest bedrooms

Extra room


  1. So ridiculously excited, overjoyed and happy for you!! Will see you on your turf in your house very soon!

  2. What can i say, I'm jumping for joy at the news of your home. How wonderful it is when the Lord answers prayer of his children.

    "However, God showed me that the things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27." <><

    The Lord is amazing all the time! Love u much <><