Radical Forgiveness

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Jane, age 23 (same age as Amethyst) and Ka’traix, age 27 (same age as Andrew) were married in 2008. Another commonality that they shared with us. They started their family immediately, as is commonly done in Congolese culture. They were intercessors with the local Pentecostal church in their village, sometimes spending all night in the church praying.

But only a few months after their second child, Ushindi (Swahili for victory), was born. The unthinkable happened.

Rebels invaded their village on a violent rampage.

Grabbing their 3-year-old son and less then a year old baby the couple fled into the bush to watch in silence as the rest of their family was slaughtered with machetes.

The couple escaped with the clothes on their back and their two children. After walking for more than 50 miles and hitching rides from various passerbys, the couple found their way to an internally displaced people (IDP) camp, where they were able to make a small house out of tarps and share food with generous neighbors (who were also internally displaced).

Andrew, two young visitors and myself were visiting the IDP camp only a week ago, when we discovered Jane and Ka’traix. I was sitting in a tent with a Mama who was telling me the story of how she had been raped and was now disowned by her husband, when suddenly Jane walked into the tent.

She sat by the discouraged Mama as we ministered to her and prayed for her. But as I prayed for the Mama, I saw that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Jane. I began to prophecy over Jane, not knowing anything about this lady.

She then took me to her tent where her husband had a prayer request.

“We need forgiveness,” they told us. “Our family was killed with machetes and we were angry, we spoke hateful things against the soldiers who did it.”

The couple genuinely felt that they needed to forgive, so that they could be forgiven.

“How long ago did this happen?” We asked them after they told us their story.

“Almost two weeks ago.”

It was then that I knew why the Spirit of the Lord was upon this woman, Jane. It was because of her willingness to supernaturally forgive.

Andrew and I have had a heavy burden for this couple. We helped them buy food for that week and have continued to meet with them since then, and have bought the family some new clothes.

Our last meeting, the couple told me that they are going to try to go back to the village. They explained that there was nothing for them in that camp and that they hated it there. They would walk back home and if it had at least minimal security, they would try to restart their lives.

We prayed for each other and this time, they prophesied over me.

All around the world, the church and every institution known to man… we debate what does love look like? How can it be an agent of change in this world?

Well, I’m privileged and honored to say that, this indeed, is what love looks like. The beautiful young couple who has chosen to free themselves of hate and destruction, look into the future without fear and walk the path of healing and rebuilding their village.

We plan to stop at the camp soon to see if Jane and Ka’traix have gone back home. I don’t know if we’ll see them again. But I know that the short-lived relationship we’ve had with them… is indeed what heaven looks like.

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