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I (Amethyst) see Facebook posts everyday from women who are striving toward their fitness goals, struggling to keep their body as a priority.

Research proves that accountability is one of the most important factors in weight loss. It certainly has been for me. Living in Congo (DRC): a culture where it’s actually good to be fat and bad to be skinny can make fitness a lonely battle.
Support Group 
I’ve created a Pinterest board called “Strong. Sexy. Fit.” This board is meant to be a community for other women, who working toward weight loss goals. The idea is that we can all pin tips, recipes, exercise plans and fitness resources on the board to assist each other on our fitness journeys. The board is dedicated to women who are serious about health in all areas of physical wellnes.

Everyone’s different, I know. Some are runners; others like Yoga; others are good with nutrition; others hate working out. But all these aspects are necessary for long-term fitness: strength, flexibility, cardio, diet. The more women who contribute to the board, the more varying strengths and weaknesses we can have contributing to each other.

We all have different perceptions of beauty. Different women can pin their ‘fitspirations’ and inspire others. Seeing how other women perceive beauty can deter us from thinking that a certain body type is ideal and others inferior (a destructive behavior that’s destroying women, especially in the Western Hemisphere).

Why am I posting about fitness?
I have lost more than 40 lbs in the past year. Today, I stepped on the scale and saw that I’m the lightest I’ve been since high school: 139 lbs. I’m officially 20 lbs away from my goal weight. Learning about how to keep my body as priority while having a busy life has been a life-changing journey for me. But these last twenty pounds are going to be the toughest. I can’t do it alone. I need some lady comrades along the way.

I know that I'm not the only one in this position. A woman doesn't need to travel halfway across the world to have busy life. Why not band together and give each other inspiration and accountability?

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