Person of Peace

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Given the sensitivity of this subject and that our internet audience isn’t Western only. We have many Congolese following our blog, keeping us accountable that what we are putting online is true. For this reason, I’m not going to name specific tribes of the people I’m talking about…

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.
Congo is composed of hundreds of different tribes, which have suffered ethnic violence for years even up until now. Within my generation, there was a war between two particular tribes in the region where we are going. It was a bloody war and the ethnic tensions still exist at a real and personal level.

As a result of this tension, Andrew and I have sought out “people of peace” who represent the opposing tribes in the area. The people, which speak different languages, but live in the same area will find their loyalties automatically going to the person who knows their language-- the person of peace. This person acts as a second and more insightful ear to situations. He/she can hear things that are being said in their ‘mother tongue’. It’s a way of keeping everyone a bit more honest and up front with each other. It’s also a way of gaining more acceptance into the community.

Two young men who are both the same age as me (23-years-old) are joining us for this next journey into this volatile area. They are from the same region, but part of the “opposing” groups. Both of their families have witnessed the enormous devastation that ethnic hatred can do to a village and have grown up with this overarching sense of prejudice hanging over their heads.

They chose not to be a product of their environment however. Both walking extremely different paths in life, but in the end surrendering themselves to Jesus. They know His love, they know His forgiveness and they are choosing to be agents of change in their region.

A small village in Masisi called Mkwohwa, where the Mwami [head chief]  resides.
We travel passed Masisi Central with the Mwami (head chief) of the villages tomorrow. Our purpose is to continue developing relationships with the leaders of the former child soldiers. We are also solidifying our land with the chief; making sure it’s in a good, strategic area. Lastly, we will meet with local pastors within close proximity of the land. This is all to prepare for an outreach we hope to do at the end of this month and for larger-scale projects in the future.

It is important for us to remember that we are strangers in this land. We can’t just come, build a Training Center and expect it run well without the help of the community.

Here are some points to pray about:
  • Safe travels to and from Masisi
  • Favor in meeting with the head chief and as we discuss about the land. 
  • Effective meetings with the local leaders of the demobilized child soldiers as well as the local pastors in preparation for our Global Outreach Foundation team at the end of the month. 
  • Transparency amongst all parties so that all conversations and planning will be done in a righteous and honest manner.


  1. Inciteful & thoughtful commentary! I am so very proud of you and the work you both are doing!
    Our prayers are always with you! Thank you for the wisdom you shared!

  2. Praying God will bless you with His wisdom and guidance. I am confident God will be glorified in your work.