Nyiragongo Volcano

9/06/2012 07:58:00 AM sendtheroths 0 Comments

This is our friendly neighborhood volcano from the view of our balcony. The volcano, Nyiragongo has the largest lava lake in the world (five times larger than the one in Hawaii). On a clear night, the clouds above it carry a red glow, a reflection of the fiery lava lake.

We plan to hike the volcano and see the lava lake sometime. But unfortunately, this tourist attraction is closed because of rebel fighting in this region.

Eastern Congo has so many natural wonders. Everything from volcanoes, rain forests, plains, hot springs and rare animal species like the gorilla, okapi and the African gray. I'm not even counting the seemingly endless coltan, cobalt, uranium, gold and other precious metals and resources.

This economy has the potential to thrive in almost any way possible: tourism, mining, agricultural, textiles. You name it and it is possible. Congo doesn't struggle with over population. Eighty percent of its land is still virgin.

Yet, it suffers so. I sometimes doubt that the world would ever want or let Congo rise up and thrive. Because its obvious that it has the resources to be superpower.

But if God be for them, who can be against them? Let's pray that God, just like He did for Israel, would bring the Congolese out of their captivity. And that like Hoseas, he would make the prostitute into a beautiful bride ...pure without spot or wrinkle.

When we look at the Congo. This is what what we see. We don't see pain, we don't see war, we don't see hate or corruption. We see what God sees. A country covered by the blood of Jesus.