Returning to United States

11/08/2012 07:12:00 AM sendtheroths 1 Comments

We return to the USA on Friday, November 9. It has been a whirlwind of bittersweet goodness as we tie all the loose ends for our return.

Our time in USA is for one purpose only. We need to raise an additional $2,500 more in monthly donations. The projects that are starting in Congo are long-term and require a long-term financial commitment.

If you want to meet and/or can connect us to any pastors, churches, small groups or just anyone willing to hear the vision about Congo-- we need you to connect us. Contact us immediately to schedule a meeting or booking.

Here is a copy of our schedule:

  • Nov. 9-14 Florida
  • Nov. 14-19 New York City
  • Nov. 20-Dec. 3 Florida
  • Dec. 3-17 Wisconsin
  • Dec. 17-Jan 4 Florida
  • Jan 4-7 Vacation
  • Jan. 10-13 Troy, Alabama; UA, Arkansas
  • Jan. 14-21 Oklahoma City, OK; Duncan, Oklahoma
  • Jan. 22-28 Dallas, Texas; Austin, Texas
  • Jan. 30-Feb. 11 Longmont, Colorado; Denver, Colorado
  • Feb. 14-25 Mariposa, CA; Los Angeles, CA
  • We also plan on hitting Fort Wayne, IN. But the dates aren’t set yet.

*Note: We are happy to visit to additional locations, if we can guarantee to get a booking or enough meetings there.

**Note 2: This schedule is not set in stone yet. We can stay longer or shorter in places based on how many people and churches we can meet with. Please contact us immediately if you can help us set up meetings.

Regarding ministry updates, so much has happened this month that it’s going to take at least 5 different posts to catch up with all the testimonies and news. Expect to see the updates coming upon our return to the USA.

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  1. Andrew, It would be worthwhile to have a Skype call with our Pastor to see if a meeting can be arranged in Stevens Point. He has a passion for Africa and our church already supports a missionary in DRC. (western part)

    Can't you get a meeting with Woodlands?