Millionaires to Widow's Mites

3/29/2013 06:03:00 PM sendtheroths 2 Comments

We have met so many people, people who would seemingly have nothing in common; except this: God’s heart for the Congolese, knitting us into a tight web of revolution.

A love revolution.

We met lawyers who have no idea why they can’t stop thinking of the Congo. Lawyers who prosecute gang members and see the evil that others are capable of and yet weep for Congo. Lawyers, who aren’t interested in money, but are interested in True justice.

We met families who defy statistics. We met parents who are unafraid to tell their children that the world is not all rosy and who teach children that they, by the power of Christ, can change it.

We met college students who study eastern Congo extensively and have turned down thousands of dollars from their schools so that they can know the faces of these people—not just study them. Like most college students, they have little money but yet have raised more for the Congo than those who have plenty.

We met men and women who risk their lives to rescue girls in Oklahoma from sex trafficking. They lead some girls out of it while seeing others who have tried to escaped left in body-bags on the sides of the road …in the land of the “free.”

We have met millionaires (old money and new money) who have opened their homes and hearts to us. Millionaires who refuse to sit in their comfort, and who want to GO to the Congo and know the faces and lives that they are affecting by sending their dollars.

We have met single ladies, who are raising Congolese children on their own through the wonderful gift of adoption. They didn’t wait for the perfect man to start a family.

We have met pastors, young and old, who have seen the beauty and the brokenness of the church, the heights and depths. We met pastors who have been crucified (figuratively speaking) by their own church and have refused to be offended or to back down. Heroes, we tell you!

We met a girl who is terminally ill and refuses to be inward about her disease. She gives and gives and gives and will continue even until her last moments. Her cancer hasn’t stopped the outflow of life.

Terminal Cancer Wasn't In My Plans from Andrew PC Smith // SMITH PIXELS.

We met Buddhists, Muslims, atheists and other searchers. Though they might not know the Gospel, they do know love when they see it. People, who have opened their homes to us and have responded with the little that they have to help the Congolese.

We have met young, newly married couples, whose desire is anything but an American white picket fence life. But, with more kids on the way and job promotions, this lifestyle is seemingly incumbent at this point in their lives. These couples have literally washed our feet and have been some of the strongest pillars to lean on.

Lastly, we have met missionaries: old, young and prospective missionaries, people who want to live with the Congolese daily. These are missionaries who are not interested in a denomination or certain ministry. They want to be one church: sharing resources, sharing workload, but most of all, sharing life in the darkest places on the earth.

All these people are connected. They are connected to the prayers of our friends in Congo.

“Lord, send laborers to Congo—Lord, help the world to see that Congo is suffering— Lord, bring peace to Congo— Lord, don’t forget about Congo.”

These parents, lawyers, millionaires, pastors, single moms, college-kids, searchers and others we've met along the way are proof.

They are proof that God exists and is connecting His people, not through a political party, denominational church or geographical location—but through the ANGUISH and LOVE for the people of the Congo. He has heard their cries. And indeed, He is sending laborers.


  1. What an honor it was to meet you both! Keep up the amazing work and love you are sharing and instilling in all those lucky enough to cross your paths.

  2. Thank you, Rose. The honor is ours. Your support and encouragement means the world.