Video: GTC House of Prayer

5/01/2013 08:06:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

The Congolese have taken it upon themselves to start a House of Prayer (HOP) at the Goma Training Center (GTC).

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We went to the GTC on Saturday and found that everyone packed away the chairs replaced them with ‘prayer’ mats on the floor. More than twenty Congolese from various tribes and professions took their shoes off and came into the GTC-HOP. They sang and worshipped with fervor. They shared grievances about their country with one another and prayed. It was really a beautiful thing.

There was a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood--something not usually present in gatherings with such varied backgrounds, especially in Congo. Worship leaders from prominent churches in the community have become part of the GTC-HOP … even Congolese from opposing tribes have gathered together at the GTC.

God has brought this into fruition so beautifully. We have written a few objectives and goals that we want to accomplish for the GTC-HOP:

1. Innovative expressions of worship: innovation of worship through the arts. We target youth to use dance, music, painting, drawing and other artistic expressions of worship. We believe that youth should not need to seek secular avenues for innovation—they should be able to do it in worship. This is key for healing and hope in the nation.

2. Task Force: Teams of worship and prayer leaders are sent out to villages where GOF-C projects will take place to do:
  • Spiritual Mapping: gather historical and cultural information about the village and its people and see how these factors play into the spiritual, mental and physical needs of the population.
  • Breakthrough: go before the ministry team to strategically intercede over these areas to gain breakthrough in the spiritual arena, before team members do outreaches. 

3. Unity and Healing: Goma Training Center HOP brings intercessors, worship leaders, pastors and laymen from various churches together to break the chains of denominationalism and competition between churches and tribes. It is also a resource to the community for those who want to have peace and rest. 

We know that God is raising up young people as forerunners in other nations of the world. 

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