Sending Grace

5/22/2013 03:22:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

“I want to be a missionary.” She said.

We met Grace four years ago. She was a university student, studying theology in Kampala, Uganda. Grace speaks four languages confidently and has grown up her whole life in what is considered the most dangerous place on earth to be a woman.

Grace stepped into our life, because of her passion and desire to minister to women who are affected by war—specifically girls.

In Congo, you are not considered a woman until you are married—so although Grace is nearly 25-years-old, she is considered just a girl in this country.

“Young ladies are some of the most overlooked people in our societies.” Said Grace.

Grace has stretched me in many ways over the years in Congo, adding different perspectives and with stark honesty on situations. She has ministered alongside us as a translator, advisor and friend.

She officially became a part of the GOF-C family this month as ‘Women’s Outreach Coordinator.’ Here’s a synopsis of our vision for women in the DRC.

GOF has a special program that reaches out to young women over age 12, who are not yet married. This is a marginalized population in the society. This includes girls who have come out of the militia, victims of sexual abuse and vulnerable girls. The program educates them about their rights, teaches them about basic health and sanitation and also seeks to empower them through higher education. In some instances, the program can and will provide treatment for extreme health situations. 

We believe that Grace’s love and transparency will help people, especially young women to heal and forgive. Her work is hard and odds are against her in many ways.

Many people can only look at her and make judgments based on her appearance. They can decide that she’s this or that without even knowing her.

The Bible says that the kindness of the Lord leads people to repentance. We believe that the kindness of an ‘enemy’ reaching out selflessly and without any strings attached can lead many tribes in Congo to repentance.

It can change mindsets, motives and lives.