Rebels, Rumors & Threats

8/15/2013 12:42:00 AM sendtheroths 3 Comments

A rumor started that we are taking children from the main rebel group that controls the area and are going to report their leader to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

The rebel group threatened to kill all of our caretakers, our GOF-Congo staff and then chase our organization from the area.

This all happened while we were on a mini-vacation in Kampala, Uganda. Yikes!
A common site in the area that we work.
Under 18? I think yes. 
Yet again, God reveals to us the fragility of our manmade projects and programs without some kind of divine protection and plan.

The United Nations, Congolese national army (known as FARDC), local government officials, territory administrator, local security representative, national police, and other local authorities became involved.

UN officials, who we were personally acquainted with, went to the rebels and explained our vision and projects in Masisi. The territory administrator (equivalent to our county clerk or administrator in the US) also tried to talk some sense into the situation.

The rebel leaders came from their remote location for a sensible meeting but all of this couldn’t be done without some cost: $165 for food, lodging, accommodation and of course beer, and the matter was settled: at least just briefly…

Just after we bought the land in Masisi, Andrew found
himself negotiating meeting with rebels.
They wanted to have a heart-to-heart with Andrew.

So, just on the heels of buying our first piece of property as an organization, Andrew was obliged to meet with the rebel group’s regional leader.

After hours of nothing but muddy road, three colonels and two hours of talking, they finally arrived at a resolution. No one would be killed, our vision was explained, and all parties were satisfied.

Some cents (pun intended) and sensibility and we are able to work in Masisi without problems. The rebel group has agreed to protect our activities from being stopped by anyone.

Interesting Backstory...
We received three messages from various people during the night and morning when Andrew was dealing with the regional leaders of the rebel group. The messages were different, but shared a similar theme. For seemingly no apparent reason-- people were being lead to pray for us more intently. 

So, if you're ever thinking about us-- maybe it is for a reason. Pray!


  1. You both have been on my mind all week! I have sent prayers of safety for the mission not knowing any of this. The power of prayer and when it comes to us is amazing! I am thankful you are all safe and that Andrew was successful with explaining your mission to the rebels. You are both so brave! Sending you positive vibes of safety and prayers of peace and love. And keep on dancing!

  2. Andrew, this must have happened after I talked with you. Intense!

  3. I just read today (August 23rd) that mortars are falling on Goma. I don't really know what to say. You don't have to be there but you have chosen to endure this. You perpetually place yourself in danger for the message of the gospel. It is much, much harder to live by faith than talk about faith. You two young people live your faith. You inspire us all. Whether you stay or leave for awhile, please know that you are supported and prayed for. Know that not one second goes by without the heart of God pouring out his love for you and the beautiful people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo..