Time to Build

8/11/2013 05:55:00 PM sendtheroths 0 Comments

Andrew called this evening from the village to proudly announce that we (Global Outreach Foundation – Congo) are the owners of a one acre plot between the main road and the river 15 kilometers from Masisi Central.

We have the deed and all papers signed and sealed. The village chief added extra square meters to the plot, he said. 

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We start building a bullet-proof multi-purpose Training Center this month. 

The Masisi Training Center, like other TCs, is meant for the community— but it has a special focus on offering healing and education to children who are coming out of the war. The Peacemaker Program is based around this center.

Andrew and a friend made an image of our future Training Center on the property that now belongs to us.

He also placed the Toyota Land Cruiser that we are raising money for beside the Training Center.

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