Transformative Leadership

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Amethyst emphasizing a point in one of our
Masisi Phase 1 meetings.
We market Phase 1 as a Biblical-based leadership training course to bring development and change to war-affected communities of Congo (DRC). But it is much more than leadership training. It teaches healing and forgiveness, identity, time management, laws of leadership and how to create vision.

Phase 1 is an overview course that takes four months to complete. The commitment is high and the attrition rate corresponds (over 40% don't complete it) but the faithful that remain are truly transformed holistically in spirit, mind and body.

Long ago are the days when we used to spend the week before a teaching: typing the material, translating to French and printing all the copies. We used to run around mad! But we have evolved. Today, we have a dedicated team of Congolese to administer and teach Phase 1. They are revising the French translation and have even translated it into Swahili.

Orientation for Phase 1 Goma.
Over 55 arrived by personal invite only.
When we started the course in 2012, it felt barely possible to teach one class at a time. But now, we are launching three simultaneous courses of Phase 1. One taught in Goma appealing to the more educated Francophone population and two in the village of Masisi where our Peacemaker (former child soldier) Program is. The two in Masisi are taught in Swahili: one catering to counsellors in the Peacemaker Program and the other towards pastors and church leaders within the area.

Phase 1 means a lot to us as a GOF-Congo team. Our sweat, tears and literally even some blood has gone into making this course a success. 

Marcellin teaching Phase 1 in Masisi to our caretakers.
We are proud to say that this year is the first time the Congolese team is responsible for full oversight and facilitation. We told them, we are available for questions or hurdles but as far as the preparations, teaching, facilitation, protocol and everything else is on them. Our Congolese team knows the importance of this course to them, to us and to those taking it. The team couldn't be more anxious to take the reigns and run with it.