The Esther Project

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Esther Project (EP) is a ministry that functions under the justice component of GOF-C. EP organizes dynamic, inter-generational women groups that have a Biblical understanding of personal inner healing, identity and independence. The groups are meant to provide:

  • A safe environment for inter-dependence, accountability and peer-to-peer counseling. 
  • Opportunities to advocate holistic solutions for women at a grassroots level.
  • Resources, strategy and structure for women to transform their own communities and beyond by offering theoretical teaching, practical training and social justice for oppressed members of the community.

Lady in Waiting
Lady in Waiting is a discipleship course that targets unmarried ladies and teaches about personal self-worth, identity and inner healing. The course addresses marginalization, stereotypes and unrealistic expectations that are placed on women by their communities. It provides a healthy and safe environment to express struggles and discuss productive solutions. The course explores historical, cultural, biblical and strategic perspectives on handling issues that women face in the society.
  • Femininity & Self Respect
  • Education 
  • Women’s Rights
  • Women’s Health
  • Sex Education
  • Marriage
  • Gender Roles 
Peacemaker Scholarship
A scholarship that selects vulnerable/at-risk girls between ages 12-18 in the community for higher education. Scholarship recipients are also assigned peer accountability groups with trained counselors that keep record of the girls' personal progress. This program aims to formulate women leaders in the community through:
  • Biblical deliverance and discipleship 
  • Education 
  • Healing through the arts and other recreational activities
Hand Work
This program teaches basic entrepreneurship principles and skills to generate micro-enterprise. All profits are redistributed into a small Esther Relief fund, which contributes to emergency situations women within the program face.

Esther Project trains and organizes women to work within other components of GOF-C to reach and rescue other vulnerable members of the society:
  • Prostitutes and victims of human trafficking 
  • Street children 
  • Women in prison