Graduation of Phase 1 Leaders

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A picture of all of the graduates.
We graduated our third leadership training course from our Goma Community Center! Global Outreach Foundation - Congo (GOF-C) seeks to empower Congolese with leadership skills to make changes in themselves, family, community and wherever else they may be. One might say, it is too idealistic to believe that broad scale change can occur by reaching individuals. However, our testimonies would suggest otherwise.

"I was invited to South Africa for a leadership training course where I would've had to pay over $2,000 USD not including travel. But I can tell you the truth, the training that I received in this course is way better than what I could have received there!" said Jackson, a local community leader. 

"I want to thank the missionaries and GOF-C staff, opportunities like this don't occur often. We learned concepts that are applicable in our lives and really what kind of people offer this for free? To say truly, we learned how to apply the Bible conceptually and practically to make a change in our lives if not all of Congo." said Bertrand a youth leader in a local church.

Many people from all walks of life attended, this lady
attended pregnant the whole time and delivered just
a few days before the graduation ceremony.
Something was different about this course than the two other previous courses. It was nearly all Congolese facilitated with only small help from Amethyst and I (Andrew). We served as advisors to our Congolese course facilitators and their volunteers to help the trainings go well. 

Without hesitation the Congolese where eager to take ownership over the course and really went the extra mile to make sure these Phase 1 students really understood the materials. 

Marcellin, the leadership training facilitator commented, "GOF-C has helped me very much, let me say again TONS in my own life and I want to help others know this information. Congolese don't know these principles and when they do, together we will see change in Congo."

When we asked him over a year ago whether or not he wanted to teach Phase 1, he couldn't be any more excited. "YES, of course I want to teach this course!" So we took about six months to groom and train him to really know whether or not he knew the material. In fact, because he is a Congolese he knows the concepts so well that he elaborates or emphasizes certain points or concepts so that Congolese can make them applicable and truly understand.

The results speak for themselves and really we can't take any credit for the success as the Congo team are the ones to really praise. 

- The course started with 65 candidates and finished with 55. That is about an 85% retention rate, for a course that demands everyone to arrive on-time in a culture where tardiness isn't faux-paux. 

- Five Congolese who finished the previous Phase 1 volunteered their time and effort to help support and make the class go well.

- Amethyst and I only taught two times out of the 14-week course. This allowed us to sit and observe how things took place and to see how God used our volunteers.

Many gave testimonies about their experience.
The last surprise of the Congolese was that we had the celebration at our GOF-C Office HQ. It was a wonderful timed filled with testimonies, stories, memories and of course celebrating. Each graduate was allowed one guest to share in the celebration. Everyone loved it.

For more graduation photos visit the GOF-Congo Facebook Page.

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