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Andrew and Amethyst Roth are missionaries, pioneering a work in the northeast Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa. The Roths target warzones that are unreached and neglected by missionaries, because they believe that war should not stop the penetration of the Gospel.

Andrew began vision casting for Congo in 2004, while he was attending college at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He met his wife, Amethyst Roth when they were training through Overland Missions in Zambia, Africa. They went to Congo in 2009 having been only four months married with virtually no contacts on the ground. Over the past five years, they launched a work in one the hardest conflict zones in the world.

 Andrew has his bachelor degree in public relations from UW-Stevens Point. He attended seminary through Liberty University and has a master in church planting. Amethyst has a bachelor in journalism from University of Central Florida and she is studying for her MBA in International Economic Development through Troy University. They are ordained ministers through Pray-Tell Ministries of Kenosha, Wisconsin.